The purpose of the Arabidopsis Small RNA Project (ASRP) website is to provide access to data and resources from the Carrington laboratory.

Much of the data from ASRP is also available at the Next-Gen Sequence Databases maintained by the Meyers lab.

Raw and processed data can be found at the Gene Expression Omnibus:
Title GEO Record PMID
Arabidopsis thaliana small RNAs sequences identified using high-throughput 454 sequencing technology GSE6682 17298187
ARGONAUTE-small RNA interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana identified by high-throughput sequencing GSE12037 18342362
AGO1-dependent small RNA in Arabidopsis identified by high-throughput sequencing GSE13605 19066226
Computational and analytical framework for small RNA profiling by high-throughput sequencing GSE14696 19307293
Small RNA of the model grass Brachypodium distachyon GSE20195 20148030
Accumulation of TuMV-derived siRNAs in aerial parts of Arabidopsis thaliana plants at 7 and 10 dpi GSE20197 20190077
MIRNA gene evolution in Arabidopsis lyrata and Arabidopsis thaliana GSE20662 20407027
Global identification of Arabidopsis thaliana ARGONAUTE1-associated small RNA GSE22252 20562854
Functional analysis of Arabidopsis ARGONAUTE1 using a slicer-defective mutant GSE40259 23023169
Phytophthora have distinct endogenous small RNA populations that include short interfering and microRNAs GSE50033 24204767
Parallel analysis of RNA ends enhances global investigation of microRNAs and target RNAs of Brachypodium distachyon GSE52441 24367943